Assessment & tests


5 different type


individuals, teams and organisations

The different assessment tools provide a better understanding of our behaviours, reactions, strengths and failure mechanisms both on individual, team and organisational level.


PCM - Process Communication Model

Process Communication Model helps the client to communicate more effectively with others by understanding: perception filters, existential questions,  strengths, drivers, stress reactions,  failure mechanisms of each personality type.



Who are the most motivated? Who are the opinion leaders? What is the communication like between colleagues working closely together? Who gets feedback from whom? How integrated are the key people?


MTQ - Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a moderately plastic personality trait which determines in large part how individuals respond mentally to stress, pressure, opportunity and challenge.


Most of the managers are rather task than people focused therefore in remote working situations tend to ignore the human side of the team management. But how can be a team successful if the team members are not engaged?

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Managerial competence test

This is a self-assessment test on a 6-point scale. High-level results from validity and reliability studies support the results. It has a 360 version as well.

The test is also available online! 

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Credible feedback from multiple directions helps to developeveryone. The innovative score distribution methods makes 360-Degree-Analyses more accurate, and even more exciting.

The test is also available online!

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Performance assessment system

The good performance management and evaluation is key to organisational success. But it is not easy at all. This system is simple to use during the evaluation period and can provide a great summary to support feedback.

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