Change simulation


The leading simulation game in Change Management

The simulation game SysTeamsChange is designed for organizations which want to effectively plan and implement a sustainable change. It allows the participants to learn the different phases of the change management process and to realistically experience the measures that are important in successfully reaching different employees. SysTeamsChange can be used in many different ways and is available in several versions.

Implement a sustainable change

A challenging and motivating learning environment gives the participants direct experience with the factors that must be managed if the transformation is to be successful. These include not only the logical process steps but also those dealing with the psychological and emotional impacts of change on the affected employees.

The participants learn how different psychological types react to changes and which measures can be used to achieve them. SysTeamsChange shows the role of the social networks in stakeholder communication and potential intervention measures for the different phases of change.

Theoretical validation

The economic and organizational psychologist Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz has played a leading role in the development of SysTeamsChange which has been evaluated and validated by more than 50 current management theories and approaches.

SysTeamsChange is based on the phases of change as first described by Kurt Lewin, beginning with shock, followed by rational and then emotional insight, and culminating in the sustainable integration of the change. He stressed the importance of understanding the psychological and emotional impact of organizational development processes and focusing on the thoughts, feelings and reactive behavior of the people involved.

Mastering change easily
The Simulation Game is used by more than 100 enterprises and organizations in various forms and has become the leading simulation game in change management. The simulation game shows the psychology of transformation processes, reflects the situation of your own organization by using the game situations and provides starting points for sustainable and successful change.

Change simulation

how it goes? 

The players have 4 rounds to reengineer a middle-sized company. In each round they can choose from 43 different activities and can use 40 units of resources. A computer program then runs the simulation taking into account the resistance and motivation of the current stakeholders and our previous choices as well. 

Every stakeholder in the company – owners, management, employees, key customers and suppliers –has individual characteristics. They have different motivations and reasons to resist or support the particular change. This makes them respond differently to the actions the players take. 

In order to make the change project successful the company should be guided through the change curve from the initial “shock phase” to the final “integration phase”. 

We apply immediately all the learnings into current change projects


After the simulation, we examine specific corporate change projects.
Where are they in the change project?
In what emotional phase are the key players?
What's next?

Extra tools to support the change project:

change simulation


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Process management

Decision quality

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